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Test IsDirty

(Added this Ziped Project to test the IsDirty Function Plus its easier than Copy Pasting for Ya)
(Update 3/2/2000 I forgot to add the Enum To be used with the MyFormValuesOnLoad() Array But its in there now:)
This code will aide in determining if Data has changed on a form. It serves many purposes. 1. To tell wether or not it is approriate to prompt user if they want to save changes they have made. 2. if the user wants to Reset or Undo changes they have made to a single text box, checkbox, or combobox Or all Controls at once(Works for control arrays as well).

Original Author: Brad Skidmore


Need to place a Variant array on each form you want this functionality (To store all the values of those three different control types whith the data after you have loaded the form)


The Function isDirty will return true if any Value on your form is different from the original values on Load of the form. As well the Isdirty can change a single Control to its original value or All Controls.

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Visual Basic 6

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