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A clean way to add control arrays at runtime!

This code, will add elements to a control array element at runtime. This is very easy to do, as a control array is actually a collection and gives us a count.

Original Author: Trey Smith


First off, make SURE you do this trick to VB. copy your control on the form, answer YES to create a control array, delete the new instance. Otherwise the control is not a collection.

Side Effects

New control is EXACTLY where the orginal was.


'Load an new instance of myControl
'the index is the count, thus making it one
'greater than the prior index as index is 0 based
'and count starts at 1
Load pbVI(pbVI.Count)
'Count is now 1 greater so to address the control
'you just created reference count -1
With pbVI(pbVI.Count - 1)
'.Left = 100
'.Top = 600
'.Visible = True
End With

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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