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UUDecode Class

This code is based upon the ONLY other VB uuencode/uudecode source code available (it's here). I put this together as part of a larger project that I'm in the middle of (a USENET binary downloader) and I wanted a uudecode routine that would decode on-the-fly. This does. It also encodes and decodes files, like a normal encoder/decoder. I spent a lot of time optimizing it, and I think it'll now decode fast enough to handle most DSL/Cable accounts on the fly (480-590 kb/s). Error checking is sparse, hopefully there's no glaring bugs. Hope it's helpful, and let me know if there's any more optimizations that you can find!
[Update] I fixed the problems described below, and also replaced the static filenumbers with dynamically generated ones. Doh!
[Update] Another bug found and fixed. There were null characters at the end of each line of files encoded with UUEncodeFile. They're gone now...

Original Author: Mark Parker

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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