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Visualize Time or Date Ranges in a chart ! Noe its very easy to create, for example, Holiday Charts. If you want to display Time or dateranges in a graphic, this is the OCX for you.

Original Author: Axel Womatschka


A Access Database (Access 97 or higher, other Access versions may work too, but not tested). A table with Dateinformations (Start- and ending date); setting the Colors and Caption as you wish to design the Layout.


A Demoprojekt with a test Database is included.


A chart (timeChart).

Side Effects

Because the OCX displays a full year as 52 weeks, the OCX seoerates the year into 4 Quarters. You only have to set the year and a quarter. Everything else the OCX calculates automatically. You only have to set the tablefields of the startind and ending date you wish to display.

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Visual Basic 6

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