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Gets Free Resources WITHOUT using a class module or a third party DLL as someone used below...

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Free Resources

API Declarations

Public Declare Function pBGetFreeSystemResources Lib "rsrc32.dll" Alias "_MyGetFreeSystemResources32@4" (ByVal iResType As Integer) As Integer


Public Function SystemResources() As String
GDI$ = CStr(pBGetFreeSystemResources(1))
Sys$ = CStr(pBGetFreeSystemResources(0))
User$ = CStr(pBGetFreeSystemResources(2))
SystemResources$ = "GDI: " + GDI$ + "%"
SystemResources$ = SystemResources$ + vbCrLf + "System: " + Sys$ + "%"
SystemResources$ = SystemResources$ + vbCrLf + "User: " + User$ + "%"
End Function
'To use this code in a Message Box, use:
MsgBox SystemResources$, vbSystemModal, "System Resources"
'To use this code in a Text Box, use:
Text1 = SystemResources$
'Text1 being your Text Box name
'The SystemResources function was made to be placed in a module; if you would like it to be placed in your form... copy the declaration and function, paste it in your form coding, and change the Public to Private.

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Visual Basic 6


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