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Windows Management Instrumentation. No one seems to know what it is. Well let me introduce it to you. Wmi is MicroSoft's version of Wbem. Basically its legit remote management / administration but can be used on a local computer. Its built into 2k but is a update for 9x/nt4. The Wql is supposed to be like Sql. This example includes initilizing wmi, logging into wmi, showing info through wmi on BaseBoard, Bios, Bus, CacheMem, CdDrv, CompSys, DeskMonitor, Fan, FDD, Keyb, LogicalDsk, ParallelPort, PhysMem, Processor, Registry, SoundDevice, Threads, VideoConfig, VideoController, VoltageProbe.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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