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Cover Designer Pro 3.00

If you've been to any of the CD cover sites you've probably seen a program called CoverPro designed by Jerry Wang, his program only allows you to print the front and back cover. I got bored one day so decided to see if I could make anything better. This code proves I can. You can print the front cover, Back cover, front & inside cover (made up of 2 images) or the front and inside cover (made up of 1 image), there is also a load of print options to print combos etc. I also included ALL the graphics used as when I last used a resouce file I had complaints that no one could edit them (DUH that's the point of using resource files)

Original Author: unknown


Images to print


Unzip the file by right clicking it, that way the graphics files will be in the right folders


Printed covers

Side Effects

None that I know of

API Declarations

Only a few for the registry and effects

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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