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r.a.d.(remote admin)

Allows 100% remote administration of a computer with a terminal interface. Everything from registry access to running process control, hard drive access, network access, etc...Includes login security, please read the documentation before compiling and running r.a.d. so you are informed of how r.a.d. works, and how to use it with your system or your remote system.(uses winsock)

Original Author: Hunter


*read the documentation before compiling, or executing the compiled .exe file*, as well as sort through the code so you are familiar with the r.a.d. interface, as well as how to use the system. r.a.d. runs 100% in the background, it cannot be seen with ctrl-alt-del, hides itself within windows. It has a security feature, I use this on my own PC for access when I am away. This wasn't written with "user-friendly" in mind, it's *terminal* oriented, that means you log into it with a telnet application(NOT vt100), read the enclosed documentation for a full r.a.d. system tutorial. The main "form" is never seen, it is used as a container for controls only. All actuall code is in the two modules, one contains virtual "calls"(as well as the r.a.d. internal system functions(i.e. Pop()))

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