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This is a Voice Chat program, that allows users to talk over the internet. I found a similar code on this website, but it gave me a Runtime error 13, so I found the original code (that came on VB6.0 CD-ROM) and corrected the problems in it. This code should work pretty good even if you have a 56k dial-up connection. Before you can run it though, you have to do the following to register the wavestream.dll (that I have also included).
1. At the DOS prompt go to the directory where wavestream.dll is located and run the following: regsvr32 wavestream.dll This will register the included dll so the program can use it.
2. In VB open the project Voicecht.vbp. It will probably give you an error message for the first time. Don't pay attention to it. Go to Project, References and then put a check mark for MS Internet Audio Streaming Support. This will fix the problem. Now you are ready to run it. Good luck, and enjoy.

Original Author: AlexI

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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