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Finding points on a circle using only degrees (Sine/Cosine)!

This tutorial shows how to find a point on a circle (with any radius), using only the degree of the point. It teaches the use of Sine and Cosine in doing so. A great tutorial if you are going to be manipulating circles!

Original Author: InfraRed


Now, I understand that some people may not know how to use Cosine and Sine to find the coordinates of dots on a circle, so I will explain it to the best of my ability. Here is a quick explanation. Now, you know that coordinates are shown in (X, Y), well, Cosine (Cos) finds the X and Sine (Sin) finds the Y. So really, you could think of Sine and Cosine as (Cosine, Sine). Don't get confused yet, lol, I will explain this further. Now, Cosine can be used to find the coordinates of a certain point by using the degrees of that point. Here is a quick example:
Cosine(Point_Degree) * Radius_Length = The X coordinate of that Point. And:
Sine(Point_Degree) * Radius_Length = The Y coordinate of that Point. Here is an example of finding the (X, Y) of a point with the degree measurement of 100, and the circle has a radius of 5. To find the X:
Cos(100) * 5,
and to find the Y:
Sin(100) * 5.
Simple enough, right? I hope this little tutorial helps you understand the use of Sine and Cosine in finding the coordinates of a point on a circle.
I've also included my CSS code to demonstrate this tutorial.

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