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Check if a string is an email address

This code returns a boolean expression that declares if a string is a valid email address or not. It returns true if the string is valid, false if not

Original Author: David Gabrielsen


email as string


CheckIfEmail as boolean

Side Effects

it doesn't checks if the string actually is an email address, only if it is a valid email address.


Public Function checkIfEmail(email As String) As Boolean
  Dim i As Integer
  Dim char As String
  Dim c() As String
  'checks if the string has the standard email pattern:
  If Not email Like "*@*.*" Then
   checkIfEmail = False
   Exit Function
  End If
  'splits the email-string with a "." delimeter and returns the subtring in the c-string array
  c = Split(email, ".", -1, vbBinaryCompare)
  'checks if the last substring has a length of either 2 or 3
  If Not Len(c(UBound(c))) = 3 And Not Len(c(UBound(c))) = 2 Then
   checkIfEmail = False
   Exit Function
  End If
  'steps through the last substring to see if it contains anything else unless characters from a to z
  For i = 1 To Len(c(UBound(c))) Step 1
   char = Mid(c(UBound(c)), i, 1)
   If Not (LCase(char) <= Chr(122)) Or Not (LCase(char) >= Chr(97)) Then
     checkIfEmail = False
     Exit Function
   End If
  Next i
  'steps through the whole email string to see if it contains any special characters:
  For i = 1 To Len(email) Step 1
   char = Mid(email, i, 1)
   If (LCase(char) <= Chr(122) And LCase(char) >= Chr(97)) _
     Or (char >= Chr(48) And char <= Chr(57)) _
     Or (char = ".") _
     Or (char = "@") _
     Or (char = "-") _
     Or (char = "_") Then
      checkIfEmail = True
     checkIfEmail = False
     Exit Function
   End If
  Next i
End Function

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