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Count Days Between Two Dates (with or without weekends)

Counts the number of days between two dates with a choice to include/exclude the number weekend days in the total count. This can be used to calculate items like day-based thresholds.
This can modified (by your own modifications) to exclude specific days like holidays.

Original Author: Todd Main




Integer number of days between two dates.

Side Effects

None known.


Option Explicit
Public Sub Test_CountDays()
'Number of Days between now and 10 days ago, excluding all weekend days
MsgBox CountDays(Now - 10, Now, True)
End Sub
Public Function CountDays( _
          dtFirstDate As Date, _
          dtSecondDate As Date, _
          Optional fNoWeekend As Boolean = True _
          ) As Integer
Dim dtFirstDateTemp   As Date   'Hold date to do calculations with
dtFirstDateTemp = dtFirstDate
Dim intWeekendDays   As Integer 'Holds weekend days
If dtFirstDate > dtSecondDate Then
  Exit Function  'Stops you from messing up this calculation, returns "0"
  If fNoWeekend = True Then
      If (Weekday(dtFirstDateTemp) Mod 6 = 1) Then
        intWeekendDays = intWeekendDays + 1
      End If
      dtFirstDateTemp = DateAdd("d", 1, dtFirstDateTemp)
    Loop Until DateSerial(Year(dtFirstDateTemp), _
          Month(dtFirstDateTemp), _
          Day(dtFirstDateTemp)) _
          = DateSerial(Year(dtSecondDate), _
          Month(dtSecondDate), _
    CountDays = CInt(DateDiff("d", dtFirstDate, dtSecondDate - intWeekendDays))
    CountDays = CInt(DateDiff("d", dtFirstDate, dtSecondDate))
  End If
End If
End Function

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