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Active Keylogger

Continuing the trend in more and more advanced keyloggers... This keylogger logs not only keys but also the window they were entered into. It then saves the log into a file every 25 seconds to preserve resources. When the log file reaches a certain size, it will send it to a given email address as the body of the message (and does not use the winsock.ocx control to do it). If the email was successfully sent, it will delete that log file (to free disk space) and start a new one. When this keylogger is ran, it copies itself into the windows system directory under a *.dll icon and edits the registry so it runs every time windows starts up. It also completely hides from the task list (you won't see it when you press cntrl + alt + del). Used properly, this can be a powerful code for system administrators.

Original Author: moccasin

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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