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Ant And Teacup: A 'teacup' and a naughty ant for your 'desktop'

ANT AND TEACUP: Hi Folks, Ever thought about placing a TEA CUP in Windows DESKTOP? Here is the a real TEA CUP for you to place on your 'Desktop'. BUT BEWARE: There is an ANT that will always try to turn the Tea Cup down. If it falls down, Tea will flow out and clutter your screen. Very interesting and cool code, great idea and good graphics. It will teach you 1) How to create a transparent form 2) How to implement desktop animation and 3) How to play a trick on your friends. A LAST WORD, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME if you love cool ideas. Sindabad Planet-Source-Code, Sindabad Visual Basic (*Sindabad means win for ever). Regards - Anoop M,

Original Author: Anoop Madhusudanan


A Cup full of tea


Kindly visit for details regarding some technologies I developed. Also download my other codes (like the hit Icon Hunter), if you love my coding style. Thanks


Blames from your mother/wife for wasting the tea and cluttering your desktop

Side Effects

Your mom/wife may not give you any tea more for the day

API Declarations

Kindly see the program

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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