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A++ Over 25 API Examples

This is an example of Some API Calls. Has Over 25 Calls. The example shows how to get The CharType (Numeric or AlphaNumeric), A key capture fuction, Get the Type Of drive (ie A: = Removable), Return the free disc space for a drive, Cause A FATAL Error and close your app, Download a File With API, Launch Web Browser to a site, 2 different ways to flash the title bar ap a window, 2 different Types of edges to draw on form at any thickness between 1 - 99, LogOf Windows, Restart Windows, ShutDown Windows, Minimize, Maximize or Normal Size any Window, Get The Percent complete, Encrypt/Decrypt a String(Uses A Key, if the other person doesnt have the key they can't Decrypt the string), and more

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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