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Cheat Advantage (alladvantage cheater for the new version 1.4) UPDATE!!!

****UPDATE #2*****NOW COMMENTED....sorry, i had a bug, but its fixed, now uses resolution for random mouse pointer and maximizes browser when loaded. From the beginning people have been "cheating" alladvantage, they got smart, but im smarter. This program/code will cheat any version of alladvantage into giving you free money. This code is a full application that moves the mouse around and goes to random web pages. What makes this different from others is that when you move the mouse, it disables the random movement of the mouse. When the mouse moves and goes over a hyperlink in a web page, it clicks the hyperlink, showing alladvantage that you are surfing the web. I created all the graphics for this in Paint Shop Pro, and Microangelo. You can do whatever you like with it, but please just give me credit.
I am the real atlantis.

Original Author: atlantis


you need to have the .bas file in the project for it to work.



Side Effects

sometimes internet explorer comes up

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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