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CoolMenu v1.2

See my other submissions to get v1.3


-Real Office and Visual Studio like icon menus

-Disabled pictures in color (optional)

-Uses the form's font (optional, +size, +color)

-Working "local" and "global" shortcuts (&; Ctrl+?, etc.)

-Easy interfacing between ImageList and VB's Menu Editor

-Event on selection of menu items for context help

-2 ways to display check marks and/or radio buttons

-Full selection of item (bar) or text sel. (text color)

-IE4 hover effect on main menu bar items

-Tested in MDI environement

-Subclass more than one form

-Over 2000 lines (documented) to modify and play with

-Most complete icon menu project ever seen in VB

Based on Paul DiLascia's work from the Microsoft System Journal
Ported from VC++ to VB by me + some adaptation. visit

Original Author: Olivier Martin

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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