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Create Random Control at Runtime

Create a label, commandbutton, frame, textbox, hscrollbar, listbox, picturbox, shape, dirlistbox, filelistbox, drivelistbox, vscrollbar, optionbutton, line, checkbox, image or combobox randomly with random height, width, top & left properties

Original Author: Max - Demian Net


'Make a command1, try to make it smal & it the bottom right hand corner for best results.

Private WithEvents txtDynamic As TextBox

Private Sub Command1_Click()
On Error Resume Next
Dim RandomControl(1 To 18) As String
Dim i As Integer
RandomControl(1) = "VB.TextBox"
RandomControl(2) = "VB.CommandButton"
RandomControl(3) = "VB.Shape"
RandomControl(4) = "VB.Label"
RandomControl(5) = "VB.ListBox"
RandomControl(6) = "VB.PictureBox"
RandomControl(7) = "VB.Frame"
RandomControl(8) = "VB.HScrollBar"
RandomControl(9) = "VB.VScrollBar"
RandomControl(10) = "VB.Image"
RandomControl(11) = "VB.Line"
RandomControl(12) = "VB.DirListBox"
RandomControl(13) = "VB.DriveListBox"
RandomControl(14) = "VB.FileListBox"
RandomControl(15) = "VB.Timer"
RandomControl(16) = "VB.ComboBox"
RandomControl(17) = "VB.OptionButton"
RandomControl(18) = "VB.CheckBox"

i = Int((18 * Rnd) + 1)
RandomTop = Int(Rnd * Me.Height)
RandomLeft = Int(Rnd * Me.Width)
RandomWidth = Int(Rnd * Me.Height)
RandomText = Int(Rnd * 3200)
Set RandDynamic = Controls.Add(RandomControl(i), "Rand" & RandomText)
   With RandDynamic
     .Visible = True
     .Text = "Demian Net"
     .Caption = "Demian Net"
     .BackColor = vbRed
     .Width = RandomWidth
     .Top = RandomTop
     .Left = RandomLeft
   End With
End Sub

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Visual Basic 6


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