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DX Snakes!!!

DX Snakes is my third game in a row of my DX series. Like the other two, it was made in just one day! If you liked the other two then get this one. If you haven't seen the others then get them as well! In DX snakes, you have to control a snake to eat apple without crashing. But if you eat apples, you get longer and so your more likely to crash - just like the game you see on mobile phones. The graphics once again are ultra slick - my 400Mhz PC is shifting that snake at 91 frames per second!!! So, even a slow PC should manage 30 FPS or more (the game prints the FPS to the debug window). You can select the difficulty level (1-9) of the game based on your skill and the speed of your PC. I recommend setting the difficulty to 3 to start with. The gameplay is very fast and it is very annoying when you lose (that's a good thing, because whilst you're not losing it's very tense!). Just like games should be. And when it's driven you mad because you crashed just as you were collecting your 100th apple, please don't break your PC because I'd like to come back and give feedback and/or vote for me. WARNING : THIS GAME REQUIRES DIRECTX 7 TO RUN!

Original Author: Simon Price

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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