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Shuffle/Rearrange Items in a listbox.

Demonstrates how to add an item to a listbox in any desired index. (i.e. Add an item between the 2nd and 3rd item in a listbox.)
Demonstrates how to shuffle/rearrange items in a listobx (i.e. Moving an item "up" or "down" the list at runtime).

Original Author: Gonzalo Ramirez


String to add to a listbox.
Index to determine where the new item will be added.


This was coded in VB6 and works with VB5. I don't believe it will open in VB4, much less VB3, but the codeing concept should work with those versions.


Item added to the specified location.

Side Effects


API Declarations


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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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