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Advanced Lawnmower Simulator

I really hate to do this to all the people who were expecting to win code of the month and i hate to use the word Genius when talking about myself :-)
But i have recreated the classic spectrum game Advanced Lawnmower Simulator in VB. for those of you who dont know what this is, this was a game created by Your sinclair magazine and was voted the megagame of the month, and it has to be the most challenging, addictive playable game of all time and i have recreated that experienced on the PC
I have also managed to recreate the classic 8 bit feel and colour clashing !!!!! and the original control interface for mowing hte lawn is still the same (press m to mow)
Anyway i take no responsibility for the work loss that is going to happen across the planet source code subscribers when people start downloading this
this has to be the greatest game of all time and the greatest challenge of creating the complex graphics and game engine required to get it to run on a pc.

Original Author: Chance

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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