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Netab 1.0

Just like netcaptor except I ran into a few snags I couldnt figure out. Its IE in tabs. Includes full favorites code(retrieves favorites in menu) retrieves the typer urls for drop down box like in ie. Does a search and favorites side bar just like ie. Has an animated icon in the upper right hand corner. Opens new windows in new tabs. Has unfinished code to block popups by url or caption(if you are advanced enough you will find this part).
ALL I ASK IS THAT ALL CODE REVISIONS BE SENT TO ME!!! (UNLESS OCX'S OR RESOURCES HAVE BEEN ADDED) ONLY CODE REVISIONS. THANKS! Try to fix the bug with the popup windows being really big(if the popup window is large it messes up for some reason) but if you make the window redraw by minimizing and maximizing it everythings ok..) I couldnt seem to fix this so maybe someone else can =]
Just to clear a few things up this is only compatible with vb 6. Also to run the exe you need all of the vb6 runtimes. IF you still cant get it to run you can download the full package setup and all at

Original Author: Eric Malamisura


I did not comment this code very well becuase it wasnt intended to become open source but now it is. I would like all code revisions emailed to me at but you must not add any ocx's or resources other than what it has. I only want code revisions or things you have fixed.


This is open source code. Elucid Software reserves all rights to the code, and images that are presented by this code. This code is not to be reproduces for selling, auctioning or any means to get funds of any sort. The code here is free and this program is meant to stay free.

Side Effects

A bug I couldnt figure out how to get around was when the popup window is larger than usual when it shows in the tab it doesnt paint correctly. But when I resize the form or something it shows up perfectly. But when resized it works fine!!
Very Odd I think. If you do a workaround for this please email me!!!

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Visual Basic 6

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