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Direct X-files game

Direct X-Files is a really cheap game I made very quickly, mainly because I downloaded the X-files theme tune and I felt that I needed to find a use for it so I made this X-files game in a few hours (so don't expect anything amazing). Alot of the code has been re-used from my old DirectX-games. However, if you are new to DirectX, I think that you will find the code very useful as it demonstates the basics of DirectDraw and some really basic DirectMusic. If you are not new to DirectX the code is still interesting because it uses the Sine function to make UFO's fly in wavy line and it also does a cool lightning effect from the lone cloud which you are supposed to dodge. The aim of the game is to shoot at the UFO's. Even if you don't learn from the code, download it anyway just for a laugh. The game is probably far too easy so if you get bored just walk under a cloud just as it is about to stike lightning and watch your skeleton light up as you cry out about how your burning to death (that means the game has sound FX too!). If you learn from or laughed at this game that please vote to show your appreciation of my efforts. THIS GAME REQUIRES DIRECTX 7. I take no responability if it crashes especially since the DirectMusic part has no error handling.

Original Author: Simon Price

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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