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Get the seperate RGB values of a Colour

It turns the Decimal format of a colour value (example: 16777215) into three seperate values containing the seperate Red, Green, and Blue values. (example: red = 255, green = 255, blue = 255).

Original Author: Davy Cook


Input the colour that you wish to turn into its seperate RGB values. This should be in Decimal format.


Just make sure to keep the types as Long (&) because using an Integer (%) causes an overflow in the Red Value.


Returns the Red, Green, and Blue value from a colour.

Side Effects


API Declarations



Dim blue&, green&, red&, colour&
Blue& = Int(Colour& / 65536)
Green& = Int((Colour& - (65536 * Blue&)) / 256)
Red& = Colour& - (Blue& * 65536) - (Green& * 256)
'to return the colour to its original decimal format
Colour& = RGB(Red&, Green&, Blue&)

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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