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kamakazi escape

In this game, you are trying to outfly a kamakazi pilot. His destiny is to fly as fast as he can directly at you.

Your fate lies on your ability to trick/outmanuver the computer. The longer you go without him hitting you, the more points you will end up with at the end. 4 Plane designs to choose from. 7 Robust background images (borrowed from MS). Crafty (though sometimes a little anxious) "chaseAI". Each of the 7 levels increase in dificulty. SOUND (requires DirectX7) Each engine has a realistic prop sound. The sound portion could use a little tweaking.

Each time the enemy plane hits you a jarring crash sound is triggered. All sounds were either found on the net or borrowed from MS. Oldschool plane graphic by me. E-Mail me with improvements

Original Author: Dave Katrowski

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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