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REAL, WORKING and HEAVILY COMMENTED code for ENCODING *AND* DECODING using the Base 64 method!

This code can encode strings using the Base 64 method, and also decode the encoded strings.
This is PROBABLY useful for a few things, but the only use I know for it is sending E-Mails with file attachments.
Wow, it looked so evilly terribly horrible in the browser, I just HAD to upload a ZIP file with the same contents! Sorry!

Original Author: unknown


You must be equipped with any string of words (or any kinds of bytes) - for the encoder - or an ugly Base-64 string - for the decoder - and, of course, with a big smile.


You need to have VB 5 or 6 to use this. The code was written with VB 5. It might work on 4 or maybe even on 3, but I have no means of finding out.
Well, let's see... My encoder code gives ugly strings, so prepare to close your eyes when using it.
You should also know about Winsock and sending E-Mails and probably a bunch of POP3 commands (which you already know if you know about Winsock and sending E-Mails... What am I thinking?!?) because if you don't know, then my code would not be of any use for you in any way, shape or form.


Depends. If you use the encoder, then it returns a string which is exactly 64 times uglier than your original string. If you use the decoder, then it returns your very original string.

Side Effects

I haven't tested it from EVERY ANGLE that it can be tested from, but I think there are no bugs. (Except for the slight side effect where if you are encoding a string which has more than 2 words in it, your hard drive reformats... Just kidding, don't run away!)

API Declarations

'I am ashamed to say that I did not use the API in this code.
'Oh well. I'll get over it!

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Visual Basic 6

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