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A demo on how to: (1) Write text onto a background image with user-selected font, size and color, and optionally at a rotated angle, and allow the user to drag the text to anywhere on
the background image with due speed and ease. (2) Enable cut, copy and/or paste of a region of the current image, paste an image directly from its file, or copy the current image to clipboard. (3) allow user to drag a superimposed image to any desired position to blend in. Through clipboard the added image may originate from an external program such as a clip art or an art text from Word. Alternatively it may come directly from a file. In either case, user may retrieve it as opaque or as transparent. (4) Resize the picture by dragging its edges, auto-scroll region at edge, etc.

Original Author: Herman Liu


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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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