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Light Effects

"DrawLight" is a function that I wrote because I wanted to add lightning effects to my game, if it was possible. Guess what, it is -- and here's the proof! Just have a look at that screenshot; it was made with my program, I didn't edit it with any other graphics program! :)
It draws a light in any picture, but it's faster than most ways to achive this (because I used the circle's core equation instead of the Circle function). Also, you can choose the color that will be used in the effect, instead of a simple white light!
As a "bonus", included is the code to draw a circle (its core equation), and something I did to remind people to vote me (because I noticed that 290 people had downloaded the Translucency effect, but only 2 had voted!) -- and automatically opens your browser and orders it to go to Planet Source-Code (it asks you if you want before doing it).
And there's no need for backbuffers, as the light uses a very cool effect while loading ;)
I'm working now on a way of doing this, but instead of a circle, you can use a mask! I also wanna make a variation of this for lasers (same way as the mask, but automatically draws the mask with a line).

Original Author: Jotaf98


You don't need to know nothing at all before using. It can even teach you something instead: about using equations with loops, messing with the RGB values of each pixel to get some nice effects, and how basic algorythms for graphics work.

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