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Flickerfree Scrolling Credit About box

An about/splash box that has a flicker-free Credit scroll. Uses only the form and one Picturebox; bitblt's the pb image into the client area of the form and uses InvalidateRect to force a redraw of only the area affected. Has methods to read data in from a .RES or a text file. Vote for me if you like what I've done with this, but take a look at Mark's original and let him know he did a great job too!
This code uses the basic idea of Mark Robert Strange's 'Flicker Free Gradient Credits' and applies a great deal of modifications to use less resources and have more features.

Original Author: Duane A Newman


You can pretty much just throw this form in and modify your app's RES file or include the credits.txt file in your app path.

Side Effects

None known.

API Declarations


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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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