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Label HyperLink uses existing browser -OR- opens new browser window!

After searching the net for some time I couldnt find a function that would give me a choice to open a Label hyperlink in an existing browser window OR open a brand new browser window. I coded this function with the help of some snippets i found. Included is some error trapping as well. I also added functionality to the hyperlink so that it acts like an internet hyperlink.

Original Author: El Mariachi


Just two parameters passed to the function:
1. the website address
2. TRUE if you want a brand new browser window, or FALSE if you want to use the existing browser window. If no browser windows is open then a brand new browser window will open regardless of wether you choose TRUE or FALSE.

Side Effects

nonw. i tested it on a win98 machine though.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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