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Detect "" in directory

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Suppose You try to get the app.path when the app is in the C Drive. the result is "C:". if the app is in another directory the result may be "C:Directory". notice there is no backslash. most people skip this because they don't think it is a problem, but it is. when you put in a program, app.path & "filename.file", when it is in the C Drive or if you put app.path & "filename.file" in a named directory, the computer will either return "C:\filename.file" or "C:Directoryfilename.file". this code will show you how to detect the backslash and deal with it.

Original Author: Eric LeBourgeois


'this code will give you a valid filename, whether the app.path return has a backslash or not, and displays a message box.
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if right(app.path,1) = "" then 'sees if the directory has a backslash at the end of it
msgbox app.path & "filename.file"
goto ResumeMe
end if
msgbox app.path & "filename.file"

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Visual Basic 6


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