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Windows works with normal colors and system colors. Visual basic can not handle the system colors and work with them as normal RGB colors. Here's an interesting API I found that translates System Colors to 'normal' colors. I made a little prog arround this to show how it is done. WARNING ! I work with win98 so I don't know if it works with WIN95. If it doesn't, could you please tell me. My adress is: The .dll that contains this API is olepro32.dll. Download the zip and find out...

Original Author: stephan swertvaegher


System Color


Normal RGB color

API Declarations

Private Declare Function TranslateColor Lib "olepro32.dll" Alias "OleTranslateColor" (ByVal clr As OLE_COLOR, ByVal palet As Long, Col As Long) As Long

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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