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A "single-form" utility program, to be used (1) when one does not have an Access program in hand, but wants to create an Access DB or to modify the structure of an existing one, or (2) if one wants to include a simple form as a handly tool in a project involving DB. The program provides functions (i) to display the hierarchical structure, properties and other relevant information of a database; (ii) to rename or delete tables/fields/indexes/queries (or delete relations); (iii) to create a new DB from scratch or by copying the selected tables from an existing DB, with or without index and/or data; (iv) to build a new table with specific field and index property settings; (v) to re-start an auto
increment field; (vi) to print a table structure; and (vii) to browse &/or copy records, etc.

Original Author: Herman Liu


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See code

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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