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Count Lines in a Text File

This code will count all of the lines in a text File. This code will work on any sized file, and is quicker than using LineInput or the FSO.

Original Author: unknown


A Valid FileName


After being asked many times how you count the number of lines in a text file, i decided to write a function that would do it as quickly as possible.
This function reads the file in in chunks. When it reads a chunk in, it counts the number of lines in that chunk, before reading the next chunk, and so on.
You may find a different chunk size works better for you, feel free to experiment with it.


The number of lines contained in the passed filename.


Function lineCount(myInFile As String) As Long
Dim lFileSize As Long, lChunk As Long
Dim bFile() As Byte
Dim lSize As Long
Dim strText As String

'the size of the chunk to read in. You can experiment
'with this to see what works fastest.
lSize = CLng(1024) * 10

'size the array to the chunk size
ReDim bFile(lSize - 1) As Byte

Open myInFile For Binary As #1
'get the file size
lFileSize = LOF(1)

'set the chunk number to 1
lChunk = 1
Do While (lSize * lChunk) < lFileSize
  'get the data from the in file
  Get #1, , bFile
  strText = StrConv(bFile, vbUnicode)
  'get the line count for this chunk
  lineCount = lineCount + searchText(strText)
  'increment the chunk count
  lChunk = lChunk + 1

'redim the array to the remaining size
ReDim bFile((lFileSize - (lSize * (lChunk - 1))) - 1) As Byte
'get the remaining data
Get #1, , bFile
strText = StrConv(bFile, vbUnicode)
'get line count for this chunk
lineCount = lineCount + searchText(strText)

'close the file
Close #1

lineCount = lineCount + 1
End Function
Private Function searchText(strText As String) As Long
Static blPossible As Boolean
Dim lp1 As Long

'if we have a possible line count
If blPossible = True Then
  'if the fist charcter is chr(10) then we have a new line
  If Left$(strText, 1) = Chr(10) Then
  searchText = searchText + 1
  End If
End If

blPossible = False

'loop through counting vbCrLf's
lp1 = 1
  lp1 = InStr(lp1, strText, vbCrLf)
  If lp1 <> 0 Then
  searchText = searchText + 1
  lp1 = lp1 + 2
  End If
Loop Until lp1 = 0

'if the last character is a chr(13) then we may have a
'new line, so we mark it as possible
If Right$(strText, 1) = Chr(13) Then
  blPossible = True
End If

End Function

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