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WinScript Beta Test 1.0

Well After D++ and JEL i decided to finish WinScript. WinScript is a Scripting Language Which Compiles EXEs and what lloks like a Win32 App.,What it does When It Runs is kinda like Vb it create an exe in a temp folder then using Shell it opens the exe.It Has one hell of a lot of functions(theres on called sendtochat(ignore it))it has everything D++(possibly everything) and JEL has.Id Like to thank every one on PSC that submited a Scripting Language,with there help i would have finished a hell of a lot later.(Note:this is only a beta test and does not have nearly the real amount of a non-beta)
Please Vote Heighly If you like my code,Also send me comments,suggestions,new functions,etc.
Thanks Guy/Gals

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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