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Base64 Codec

The original source code was from someone (AndrComm or Sebastien?) else. I recode the whole thing, but having reference to the original. Anyway thanks, whoever who are who wrote the original code (yeahh.. all creadits to him) since i learnt some performance optimization (my original codes are tremendously slow).I did some code clean up and comments. The encode speed increased by 20%, decoded speed increased by 30%. Here's the best results that i come out with:

file : (93,040 bytes)

load : 2.56 mb/sec (n/a in original code)

save : 3.39 mb/sec (n/a in original code)

encode : 7.17 mb/sec (20% faster, original code runs at 6.05 mb/sec)

decode : 7.31 mb/sec (30% faster, original code runs at 5.61 mb/sec)

Here's the changes I've made :

1. *REWROTE* code clean up (i think it should be more readable)

2. *REWROTE* encode and decode table is created together.

3. *REWROTE* sub DECODE rewrote (should be faster).

4. *REWROTE* sub SPAN and UNSPAN now supports SpanSeparator.

5. *ADDED* More detailed co1mments for novice, not experts

6. *ADDED* some form controls, for input and output.

7. *ADDED* file loading and saving feature

8. *FIXED* encode / decode rate calculation fixed... more accurate

should be 1 sec = 1024 ticks (kernel 1044 ticks?)

and 1 mb = 1048576 bytes. (1024b x 1024b)

and some other minor corrections as well...

Original Author: Chin Huat

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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