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I love pencil drawing and there's nothing to beat pencil and paper. On the computer the mouse never moves as easily as a pencil but mathematics does allow some types of drawing to be carried out much more quickly than would be possible by hand.

This is a pencil drawing programme with 256 shades of grey. It has 21 drawing tools and a host of sub-tools all easily selected from on-screen toolbars. Many shaded shapes such as curved lines, tubes, cones etc can be drawn. All the standard picture formats can be loaded or added and re-positioned.

Saving is either as a BMP or a JPG file. Any rectangular part of the picture can be saved. JPG saving and printing is accomplished by using a single exe,  free-standing, freeware conversion program that takes a command line and is hence easily used in VB. The source and credits for this are included in the .zip file In addition to the tools there is a zoom facility, whole-picture scrolling, +, X & perspective hair-lines, settable brick & tile sizes, text with any font, size or angle, undo and two canvas sizes suitable for A4 paper.

All the source files, including button bitmaps, are included. The .zip file is just over 1MB and the program is written for an 800x600 screen.

Original Author: Robert Raymen

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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