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FRX Restore.

Ever have an old program that you backed up the .FRMsFRXs to, and suddenly notice that you need the pictures that where on that form. I bet its the worse feeling in the world, right up there with getting dumped. But wait! There is a light! FRX Restore will take that old dirty FRX File and turn it back into there old picture files! Pick and choose what pictures get extracted from the FRX data.

Original Author: JoeHL.


you need to tell it the location of a FRX File.


Small amounts of file IO. I have fully remarked out my code so it should be a breeze.


It returns a vuable picture, this picture can also be saved to a normal file.

Side Effects

It will allways create a small image file in your root dir (C:)

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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