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A class based Remote Shell

This program connects to the telnet port of a remote machine, logs on and can be used to perform commands remotely.
It's also a great example of how to build and use a class module. The class is built as an ActiveX DLL and linked into the test project using the _references_ item in the project menu.
This is like making an ActiveX control but without all the overhead.
The code is full of rem statements so that you can understand exactly what is happenning.
It really couldn't be simpler.

Original Author: John Edward Colman


When you run the program you'll need to fill the fields in.
IP in the format.
Port will probably be 23.
You'll need user/password access to a telnetable
The gray user/password fields specify the words searched for to fill in the login and will vary from machine to machine. Do a normal telnet first to find out what they are.


I set up the second project with an output window so that you can see the results. This is just a test window.

Side Effects

Headaches / vommiting etc.
Don't enter any editors!
I haven't put in any support for the escape key.
Or the control key.
Or function keys.
It's just text.

API Declarations


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