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Resizable 7 Segment Display!

It's a comsmetic item really. Why display numbers using a large font when you can have a 'Real'. LED display!!, it can be resized at runtime an was designed to be daisy chained together to form a display 'Bank'

Original Author: Don Balmer


Number To Display (Integer)
Autoincrement Interval (Integer)
Manual Trigger (Method)
Reset (Method)
Carry In (Integer)
Auto / Manual mode (Property)
Maxcount (Integer)
Mincount (Integer)
Colons On / Off (Property)


I always try to think how people are going to use my code and error trap accordingly. If you find my code qwerky then pleez let me know. As i've had NO official training my methods and style may not be what you are used to.


Carry Out (Integer)
Displayed Number (Integer)
Overflow (Event)
Underflow (Event)
Colons Change State (Event)

Side Effects

None I am aware of
Please let me know if you find any.

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Visual Basic 6

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