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ADO Multiuser Form

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This VB6 project demonstrates how to edit an ADO multiuser recordset using databound controls.
It is based on the 'single-record form' created by the VB wizard, but adds:
* Enhanced error handling
* Improved user interface
The demo allows several instances of the form to be opened, for a 'pretend' multiuser

Original Author: John Andrews


To use the form in your own project:
1: Add a copy of the form to your project
2: Set the ADO connection string in the form_load code to match your database
3: Place databound controls on the form (if you drop controls onto the form from the
data environment, set their datasource and datamember properties to blank)
4: You may need to adjust your Project/References if you are using a different version of ADO to v2.5, or Data Binding Collection older than SP4

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Visual Basic 6

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