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Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

A few VB editor-shortcut keys that make life worthwhile.

Original Author: John Edward Colman


VB is very kind in that as you start typing code it shows you a list of compatible objects that you can select from by using the tab and cursor keys.
This is called intellisense.
But if you select the wrong word and try to go back, the box doesn't reappear by itself.
I used to delete the whole word and the space or dot or parentheses and retype it to make the list reappear again.... until I discovered a keyboard shortcut!!!!!
  Ctrl+J  - Makes the list appear again!
  Ctrl+Space - Completes your typing!
Quick Info:
The same thing happens with Quick Info (the tooltip which shows you the purpose and type of each parameter in a method/function):
  Ctrl+I - Reshows Quick Info
Move between Open Editor Windows:
Display the Immediate (Debug) Window:
Stop Execution:
When your program put VB in endless loops this keyboard shortcut is usually successfull:
  Ctrl+Break - Stop exectution
Goto Definition:
To move quickly to a function/method or variable definition:

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