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COM+ Objects in Vb

Explains Some of the features of the new .net Featured Vb

Original Author: manikantan


COM+ In the .net Frameworked Vb
Visual Basic has been named for its Rapid Fast Application Creation facility
But it has been lacking on the object Orientation which limited its acceptance to
the creation of middle tier appication .The new .Net Version of the VB has elimiated
this Problem by Becoming Object Oriented.With this new Features VB delivers the
power of C++,Java and Maintaning the Instant development Interface

Some of the new Features are
Overloading allows objects 's Methods and operators to have different meaning
depending on their context.Operators behave Differently Depending on the datatype
For example
overloads sub myarticle(x as char)
overloads sub myarticle(x as integer)
overloads sub myarticle(x as string)
All the three functions will be different with the forth coming version of Vb but which
has been followed conventionally in C++

The .Net vb Suppts Inheritenc.So Provides way for Code Reuse.
class article
function main()
end function
class newarticle
inherits article
overloads function main()
end function
The new .Net Version has Introduced a Concept called as Free threading.where by
complex Queries ,Calculations can run in a seperate Process and the main program
can run normally without strains in seperate thread.

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