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Fake Viri (win98)

This program is great FAKE(!!!!!!!!!!!!) Virus Installer. Ir will make some hardrive noises.. then once it gets to 100% boom! blue screen 3 times, and freeze... This only works in win98, and i haven't tested it in winME...
anyway, the only way to stop it (before it gets to 100) is to click the % sign, not teh numbers, the actaul % sign...
have fun with this.. don't use it the wrong way.. by all means scare the hell outta your room mate or something, but don't take it to far!
vote!!! please...

Original Author: atwinda


victims mouth agape


have MSCOMCTL.OCX on the computer to run it...



Side Effects

3 blue screens and a freeze

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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