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C2VB parses through C style declarations of functions, structures etc and creates the VB equivalent.
I decided to create this little program to make my life easier when working with APIs.
Instead of having to "translate" an API declaration from the Platform SDK help file, I wanted a way to do that automatically. This is the result.
All you have to do, is copy paste the declaration from the help file.
Apart from being a handy app. it demonstrates how to parse instructions, how to implement a rudimentary splitter and above all, it explains what do all those wierd things mean in C!
It can process either user inputted instructions or it can read from a file.
Optionally, a filename can be passed on the command line.
If you have any comments or disagree with the way I converted the datatypes, let me know.

Original Author: Kimon Andreou


Released under the GPL.

API Declarations


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