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CS Computer Verifier

You need to have WMI 1.5 and ADSI 2.5 installed by Microsoft. You can get this from my homepage, it is free from Microsoft. Ever needed to keep an eye on hardware on your systems at work?
Afraid employees will try to take or switch hardware from there PC's?
Keep an eye on Operating System Information, Processor Information,
Memory Information, Hard Drive Information, and Adapter Information.
Install in on your server or one pc, and that's it!
This program is clientless.
This will keep the data found in a database and every time you want to
verify that the information is still correct, it will check the pc then compare it
to the saved data.
If any data doesn't match it will give a alert message, telling you that
someone may have played with the hardware.
For Windows NT & 2000
A great security program!

Original Author: Shane Croft

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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