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Great button control with 6 styles

This is a great button control if you want to build professional-looking applications. It provides 6 different styles, including a Cool (Rebar) style, flat, standard (3D) and 2 different Options styles. Allows for different pictures, colors and fonts in all 3 states -- normal, hover and selected. Has all the other properties of a standard button, so it is a great replacement. 12/21 -- added Cancel and Default properties.
**Feedback is greatly appreciated**

Original Author: Brian Schwalm


This wasn't initally intended for distribution, so the comments aren't so great.
This button is a much-expanded version of the SoftButton control, which is a downloadable example from the MS website. Same core drawing, tooltip, etc. code, but with a lot of extended capabilities.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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