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Machine code & Fractals PLUS

Machine code & Fractals PLUS: (NOTE now works with 16 & 24-bit color settings though 24-bit is best for color cycling). If you are just getting into machine code (mcode) this is a tutorial and an introduction to Fractals. Fractals are well suited to mcode and covered are Mandel, Julia, Newton, Tetrate, IFS, L-Sys, Martin and Sierpinski (adapted from FRACTINT). All the Fractals are coded in both VB and mcode. Extensive use is made of the maths coprocessor. So far as possible the structures are matched so that the mcode can be followed. This doesn't always produce the most efficient code but what the mcode is doing is more important. Included are special palettes for color cycling, alternative formulae for the Julia, Tetrate and IFS Fractals and saving them as 24-bit BMPS. CallWindowProc and picture box addressing are used as shown respectively by Ulli and Non-Linear Systems Alpha24. Other introductory mcode on PSC is shown in 'Machine code (ADDITIONS)', 'Machine code & Picture Boxes' and 'Machine code & more PicBox Games'. The asm files are written for the A386 assembler.

Original Author: Robert Rayment


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