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Telephonic Connection

I copied the look of the Windows Dialer.exe and
made it working the same (or even better).
Is this interesting?
...I mean, to have some code (not the original) for
those functionalities?
The response is up to you: if the audition will be high
then the effort will be crowned by success, otherwise
it will result... in a little flop!
The main advantage of having the source code, for a
programmer, is that you can modify any functionality
at your pleasure. Moreover, sometimes, there is the
advantage that the code can be studied, to learn
something more of VB world.
Let's resume how the Windows Dialer.exe works, and
point out some little differences of this code:
- [same]you can enter the telephonic number in 3 ways:
1) directly 2) using the telephonic keyboard
3) using the fast dialing buttons (where you can
store up to 8 names with their telephonic numbers).
- [difference]a help line at the bottom will assist you
in the use of all controls.
- [difference]an about form will teach you how to save,
print and even zoom an image (a surreal sunset).
The program can be used in your desktop, as is.
You will find dialing much more confortable and fast
than the original Windows Dialer.exe.
An additional usefull feature has been added to the
'Fast Dialing' buttons: they can be 'reordered' just
dragging the surrounding label and dropping in a new
place. Also here, not only the feature itself may be
found nice, but more the associated code could move
your curiosity.
That's it.
I bet this program will encounter your favour: so I
suggest you download the program, and hold it in your
Go ahead, with computer dialing, and have fun!
Author: Pietro Cecchi
Program Name: Telephonic Connection Tone Dialer
Uploaded on Planet
( 21 november 2000
This program has been written in VB6.

Original Author: Pietro ing. Cecchi







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