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XML Event Log And Viewer

Ok people, heres the deal. You have the code to write to the real NT event log (if not .. let me know and i'll post it!!) but you want a more versitile way of logging events. ever thought about XML. this zip file contains a pretty simple XML eventlog viewer. i've also included (as a class to the project) the code that you can use to create an XML event log. This example is my first real attempt at using XML so i hope you like it, the code is pretty simple so i dont think that you will have any problems reading it. - Yep i know i may not be using the XML DOM correctly yet but hey i've only learning XML for about 5 hours at the time of submitting this code. so please dont correct me with the XML coding... i'll get better as i go along... thanks people ..... oh.... and if you like this code ... please vote for me will ya! Thanks!

Original Author: Roger D Taylor


Requires a reference to the XML type Lib

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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